Team Leader is the person who brings students in a group to UAN-Networks for recruitment. Team Leader has more control over their group of students. Team Leader will be the key person to contact in terms of recruitment process. Team leader will also be officially connected with UAN and becomes active in the business activities. Team Leader required to have business skills like report to directors, present at UAN business strategy meetings, and building marketing relationships. Team leader is responsible for referring students, motivating and encouraging student to use the UAN services and products. Any person or team member of UAN can be team leader and following will be the benefits of being and Team Leader partner with UAN-Networks.

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  • Training and certificate
  • UAN will provide opportunities to involve in different education fairs, universities seminar and training sessions.
  • Qualified team members and students will get the opportunity to be part of our college to college education campaign.
  • They can use free services i.e. free processing, free IELTS, if they wish to go abroad.